Investor Overview

Mioym Equities is a vertically integrated real estate firm dedicated to creating value and delivering consistent returns to investors through a proven, conservative and disciplined investment and management strategy. Mioym’s primary objectives are capital preservation and generating long-term total return with a strong emphasis on current income by investing in single-family communities in high-density suburban markets.

Mioym Equities core investor base consists of individual investors rather than pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors. We believe that large funds cannot effectively deploy money in the overlooked niches that offer some of today’s most attractive returns. Many of these larger funds need to deploy $10-$50 million per investment, or much more, in order to operate efficiently.  Mioym Equities is built from the ground up to make smaller investments directly, without relying on layers of sub-managers, each of whom must be compensated. By being vertically integrated and managing expenses carefully, Mioym Equities aims to deliver real value to investors and to outperform the returns of our larger rivals who may pursue similar strategies.  


Investment Philosophy

When we choose to make an investment or launch and manage an investment fund, we aim to keep the following considerations:

LIMITED RISK - Frequently, we would rather give up some of the “upside” of an investment in order to limit our risk. We are fundamentally risk-averse, long-term focused investors.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY - We like strategies that are more difficult to execute for larger investment management companies, which allow us to earn above average returns for our investors. Excessive amounts of capital ruin good investment opportunities so we avoid highly competitive markets whenever possible.

UNDERVALUED ASSETS - We seek to invest where we see undervalued assets (such as buying homes from banks in the wake of the financial crisis); however, we do not pursue investments whose returns are based on the timing of a recovery in asset values, which we consider too hard to predict and too volatile.

EXPERTISE IN NICHE - We seek to make investments in products, people and markets that we know well.  This allows us to have a strong point of view about value, risks and the potential rewards of each investment.

ECONOMIC TRENDS - We actively pursue a deep understanding of long term demographic and housing trends and to take advantage of these trends when we invest.  One such trend is the increased demand among Millennials to live in more urban areas areas with shorter commutes rather than having a larger home and yard with a longer commute.  We also see a limited supply of high-quality properties in very desirable urban neighborhoods where demand is strongest. Our point of view on these trends drives many of our real estate investment decisions.

CUSTOMER NEEDS - When necessary to serve our customers, we are willing to build out infrastructure and to develop vertically-integrated platforms. This goes hand-in-hand with serving harder to reach niche markets and making a large number of smaller investments.

NIMBLE APPROACH - At the same time, we aim to remain nimble enough to change our investment strategy as the market changes. This may mean returning capital to our investors in one fund and launching new funds as market opportunities disappear in one area and emerge in other niches.