Mioym Equities is a full service private equity real estate investment firm.


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Distressed Debt & Whole Loan Trading

Mioym Equities invests in all mortgage loans.  Our partnerships within the industry provide purchase and sale opportunities regardless of loan performance or underwriting circumstances.


We present timely and competitive risk-based pricing for every loan or pool of loans submitted.  If your loan type is not listed below, contact us and we are happy to review your unique scenario for purchase consideration. Our firm takes great pride in our ability to provide a bid on all loans presented for purchase. 

Investor fallout and Scratch and Dent loans:

  1. Investor re-purchases

  2. Ineligible investor loans

  3. Loans that "just missed" investor guidelines


Government loans:

  1. Aged government or conventional loans

  2. Uninsured or non-guaranteed government loans

  3. GNMA re-purchases


Performing loans:

  1. Aged warehouse line loans

  2. Loans underwritten to portfolio guidelines

  3. Loans with interest only features

  4. Jumbos and super jumbo Alt A loans

  5. A- credit loans

  6. B/C subprime credit loans


Sub-performing, Delinquent or Non-performing loans:

  1. Delinquent, sub-performing and non-performing loans

  2. REO properties

  3. Loans in foreclosure or bankruptcy

  4. Loans underwritten to portfolio guidelines

  5. Loans with interest only features

  6. Jumbos and super jumbo Alt A loans

  7. A- credit loans

  8. B/C subprime credit loans

Example of Completed Portfolio